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College Resources offers a full length SAT practice test and scoring guide.

ACT Test Prep includes ACT prep, sample test questions, calculator tips, career planning and more.

Private College Zone is an online resource to help students and their families select a college, apply for admission and plan to

UCAN is a site to explore hundreds of private colleges and universities.

University of Wisconsin links to Wisconsin’s public university system.

Tech Schools is a resource to learn about Wisconsin’s technical colleges.

BLS Career Information helps teens get information about careers that might interest them based on their favorite subjects in school.

Knowhow2Go encourages young people to prepare for college using four simple steps.

Learning Express uses the MORE library card to take practice ACT and SAT tests.

Edutrek is a database of over 7,000 colleges and universities.

Driver’s Education is a free driver education program that contains:  11 car practice tests, 9 motorcycle practice tests, 10 CDL practice tests, 3 online driver’s manuals (car, motorcycle, CDL), a FAQ section with detailed answers to 100+ DMV related questions, and road sign practice. Spanish versions are also included.